[WEBINAR] How To Convert More Architects, Builders, Contractors & DIYers

2021 Building Products Customer Guide: Audience Breakdown

  • Venveo partnered with The Farnsworth Group to survey nearly 2,000 Pros and DIYers on what's shifted in how they research, specify and purchase building materials products.
  • During two webinars hosted in April 2021, we took a deep dive into the findings from each audience.
  • We shared how their behaviors have changed, what they want from manufacturers and how you can win their business. 

Get access to audience-specific infographics with exclusive research and insights.


Access to Webinar Recordings on Building Products Audiences to Drive More Conversions

[BONUS] Audience-Specific Infographics

Building Product Audiences Are Changing.
How Can You Keep up With Demands & Trends in 2021 to Convert More Customers?

COVID-19 has created a massive shift in how building product audiences search for products, source them, specify what they want, and purchase. However, staying up to date on these purchasing behaviors and habits can be exhausting. Register for Venveo’s webinars and infographics to get a behind-the-scenes look at how building products audiences have changed and what you can do to stay ahead of market trends.

Venveo and The Farnsworth Group teamed up in 2020 to survey nearly 2,000 Architects, Builders, Contractors and DIYers to dig deep and gain insights into channel behavior, product selection, changes in brand loyalty and online habits. We’ve distilled the data down to the core changes you need to know to make the best decisions for your budget and your customers. 


Industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about marketing, sales and the channel.

CEO, Venveo

Director of Digital Strategy, Venveo

Grant Farnsworth

Managing Partner,
The Farnsworth

Adam Mowrey

Client Services Manager,
The Farnsworth Group

What You Get

Pro Audiences Webinar:

The first 45-minute webinar discussed insider audience data on Architects, Builders and Contractors. Learn how your team can improve its targeting and customer acquisition by deeply understanding these customer groups while improving the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies.

DIY Audience Webinar:

The second 45-minute webinar focused on DIYer insights also taken from the 2021 Building Products Customer Guide. Understand how your team can meet customers’ changing expectations, demands, and core changes you can adopt for continual growth—all while meeting your company’s goals, size, and budget.

[Bonus] Four Infographics:

You'll get you access to four infographics that include detailed insights, data, and trends on the following audiences: architects & designers, builders, contractors and DIYers. Learn the most cost-effective way to target these audiences and drive more revenue. 

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  • Exclusive data delivered by industry experts
    Learn from a joint study of over 2,000 companies in the building materials space, led by experts in the industry that will share exclusive tips and strategies.
  • Stay up to date with radical market shifts
    Discover how to stay modern with customer targeting, marketing, sales, and not fall behind the competition.
  • Deep dive into insights and findings
    The webinars and infographics will give you deep insights into specific audiences, how they’ve changed, and what it means for your company.
  • [PLUS] Ask your own questions
    If you weren't able to join the live Q&A, don't hesitate to reach out to with your own unique questions.